Unofficial End of Summer
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Unofficial End of Summer

Labor Day is upon us this weekend, which means a three-day weekend!  Labor Day is called the “unofficial end of summer”because it marks the end of the cultural summer season.

In U.S. sports, Labor Day weekend marks the beginning of many fall sports. National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) teams usually play their first games that weekend, and the National Football League (NFL) traditionally play their kickoff game the Thursday following Labor Day. The Southern 500 NASCAR auto race has been held on Labor Day weekend at Darlington Raceway in Darlington, South Carolina from 1950 to 2003 and since 2015. At Indianapolis Raceway Park, the National Hot Rod Association hold their finals of the NHRA U.S. Nationals drag race that weekend. Labor Day is the middle point between weeks one and two of the U.S. Open Tennis Championships held in Flushing Meadows, New York.

In fashion, Labor Day is considered the last day when it is acceptable to wear white.  Traditionally, switching cowboy hats from straw to felt has the same rules as wearing white – wear straw cowboy hats Memorial Day through Labor Day and felt cowboy hats Labor Day through Memorial Day.

Most importantly, Labor Day is symbolic for the changing of seasons.  As we pass from summer to fall, we are reminded that nothing last forever and everything changes.  Life is the same way – made up of seasons.  If you are going through a tough time, just know that a change is coming.  If you are currently being blessed, savor it and be thankful.  For just like fall, winter, spring, and summer the seasons change.      

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