Upgrade Your Home’s Exterior with These Helpful Painting Tips
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Upgrade Your Home’s Exterior with These Helpful Painting Tips

Whether you’re preparing to sell, or just want a nice view when you come home from work each day, your home’s curb appeal can have a huge impact.  Here are some helpful painting tips to help upgrade your home’s exterior…

Scrape and Scrub
Get a clean start by prepping the surface you plan to paint. Use a metal scraper or wire brush to remove old, flakey paint. Thoroughly wash all areas you intend to paint. For big projects, consider renting or buying a power washer. Allow time for the washed surfaces to dry before you begin painting.

Fix and Fill
Fix or replace damaged siding or trim you plan to paint. Fill cracks with weatherproof caulk to create a flat service to paint.

Prime Time
Take the time to apply a coat of primer to the surfaces you plan to paint.  Primer will help the new paint adhere to your home and spread evenly.  It will also reduce streaks when the paint dries. 

Pick Your Paint
Measure the area you plan to paint. When you buy your paint, check the label on the can to see how much area it covers. Buy about 10 percent more than you measured so you have enough for touch-ups.Not all paint is the same. Aluminum, wood, and stucco each take a different kind of paint. Read the label of the paint you choose carefully to ensure you get the right kind.

More Materials
Before you start, gather all the tools and materials for the job. You’ll need a paint scraper or wire brush to remove old paint. Get wash rags, a bucket, and a little grease-cutting soap to clean your surfaces. Grab some masking tape and drop cloths or plastic sheeting to protect all the surfaces you don’t want paint splashed or spilled upon. Get brushes for smaller areas like the trim and the door. A set of 1- 4-inch brushes for exterior paint should do the trick. If you plan to use two different colors, get two sets of brushes. Using different brushes for different colors can reduce cleaning time and minimize the risk of colors getting crossed.

For large areas, get a roller or a paint sprayer. The paint sprayer will help on surfaces with lots of texture. Don’t forget the pan and drip cage for your rollers.

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