Oak + Ash Realty Property Management
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Oak + Ash Realty Property Management

Did you know that Oak + Ash Realty provides Property Management? 

We are the stress-free solution for landlords.  Any property owner that wants to lease their property to a tenant can come to us as a one stop shop. 

We market a property for lease and screen potential applicants by conducting a background check, evection check, and credit check.  Once we have a qualified tenant lined up and agreed upon, we execute a lease on behalf of the landlord.  Each month we collect rent and wire the proceeds to the landlord.  We make it extra easy for tenants to make payment through our online portal.    

Along the way all maintenance is managed by us.  Any late-night calls are received by us.  Tenants will never be able to bother a landlord.  We have a high success rate in avoiding evictions.  In the event one is must transpire, we handle it. 

Want to manage it yourself, but need help with marketing and tenant screening?  No problem!  We can market and get the property leased for you, then hand it over to you to manage monthly. 

For a small monthly fee, all things related to tenant leasing and management are handled by us.

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