With you through every season.

What's with the name?

Oak + Ash Realty

The name Oak and Ash Realty came from the desire to truly walk with people, through all seasons that life may bring. The ups and downs, joys and tears, times of hope and those of uncertainly – they are all seasons of life. We understand that the occasion of buying or selling a home can come in the midst of any of these seasons. And our desire is to walk with you through every one of them with care and expertise.

The Oak symbolizes hope, strength, stability. To us, this represents the good times in life. The joyful seasons in life. And Ash represents the difficult seasons. Seasons that may feel lonely, hopeless, or seasons that feel like a step back.

Regardless of the season that you may find yourself in, we would love to walk with you. Whether we can share in the joy or help shoulder the burden, life is not meant to walk alone.

Why Choose Oak + Ash Realty

we feel there are many reasons. here are a few.


We believe that honesty is the best policy when it comes to every aspect of our business. From our communication with clients and colleagues, to the way we treat our team. With us, you are guaranteed to get honesty.


We cultivate an environment of forward-thinking. We maintain a collaborative approach within our team and partner with local professional content creators to ensure the highest quality media. Each listing approached uniquely.


We believe the most important component of real estate is not homes, but humans. The Golden Rule is always at the forefront of our minds in caring for our clients real estate needs. We maintain a relational focus, not transactional.


Our goal is to approach everything with intentionality. From honing our craft and furthering our education, to our communication and relationships; it's most important that we are present and purposeful. We aim to serve you well.

Don't just take our word for it.

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