The Law of the Harvest
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The Law of the Harvest

Each year in the Spring, farmers plant crops around the world in hopes of having a bountiful harvest come fall.  Before they can plant the seeds to establish the crop, they must first work the ground.  Preparing the soil first helps the newly planted seeds to become established and ease of growing deep roots.   Once the seeds are planted, they must be watched closely and looked after to help facilitate their growth.  This may mean applying fertilizer and weed killer to promote growth and a healthy product.  The farmer must pray for an abundance of rain and the absence of insects.  Too little of one and too much of the other can mean disaster for the crop.    

The amount of time, effort, and care given to this process will be directly reflected in the harvest. 

The same principle or rule is true and undeniable in all walks of life.  Whether it be your job, hobbies, relationships, character, accomplishments, etc.  All things must yield to the Law of the Harvest, “As you reap, so shall you sow”.  What you put into something, will be in direct proportion to what you get back in return with it. 

Success, accomplishment, and desired outcomes take time.  Remember… a seed is planted in Spring and harvested in Fall; it takes time to grow the crop.  Skipping steps to an end goal is like planting a seed and not fertilizing it to help to grow.  Knowing what we know about crop care, skipping steps will mean a less desirable harvest.   

Disciplined and accomplished people know this law and use it to their advantage.   

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