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Back to School

If you are a parent of school age children, then the past week or so has meant an extreme adjustment to your daily schedule.  During the summer things tend to lax a little bit.  Without the kiddos having to be up early for school you tend to stay up a little later.  Maybe you have tended to take a day or two off or leave work a little early to do fun excursions with the kiddos. 

With school starting back, it means prompt wake up schedules for these same children and teens who do not like to get up early.  This early wake up call means fixing lunches and breakfast that adds to your morning To Do List.  It also, means trying to get them to eat that breakfast in a timely manner and get ready in time to avoid being late.  To add to the madness… everyone in the entire school district seems to want to drop off and pick up their children personally the first two weeks causing out of the norm traffic. 

If the aforementioned describes your life at the moment, know that we understand what you are going through.  The beauty is that in a few short weeks you will be in a routine and life will settle in. 

If your children are grown and this is no longer your norm, do you miss it?  Despite the craziness of raising kids and getting them to school, we are guising you do. 

Whether you have kids going back to school or are an empty nester, we hope that this change in seasons is a blessing to you. 

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