What is the End Goal?
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What is the End Goal?

How often do we commit ourselves or begin something without totally considering what the end goal is?

Every day we get bombarded by commercials, marketing, peer pressure, and keeping up with the Jones’ which pushes us to make decisions without weighing the consequences.

Recent evaluation of our own personal lives has shed light on areas where our time and efforts were committed that when surveyed did not align with our end goals.  It was not until we examined closely that we realized that time was being wasted.  Once we identified the issue and made changes, a huge weight was lifted.  Magically, we had more of our freedom back that we did not realize was lost. 

Can you relate?

Tools to amend and avoid traps that don’t lead to your end goals…

-Know what you are working towards.  Not having an end goal is like being on a ship without a rudder.  You will end up getting pushed around by the waives without a way to direct your path. 

-Regularly evaluate your schedule, commitments, and what & whom you are involved with.  If these things do not align with your goals, then it is time for a change.  Sometimes we get caught up in something that checked all the boxes when we started, but later got off path. 

-Weigh your decisions before you make them with the balance scales of your goals.  Think objectively, does this path support and lead to your goals?

We hope these tools serve you well, and help you make the best of your precious time. 

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