5 Things To Do On Your First Day Living Solo
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5 Things To Do On Your First Day Living Solo

So, you’ve just purchased your very first home – congrats! What a huge life decision, and one that is guaranteed to bring a ton of memories.

You’ve been living with your parents, a roomate, or maybe in a college dorm, so what should you do first? Chances are you that you are feeling a variety of emotions, all of which are ok.

We have put together a few things to do in order to get your new life of homeownership started off right.

Check Doors, Windows, and Locks

You are no longer living in a world where you trust others for your security at home. Chances are you new place didn’t come with a security guard, maintenance man, or good ol’ Dad. So time to take security into your own hands! Check all of your windows and doors to make sure they are secure. And when it comes to locks, check those too, and honestly, we would encourage you to consider changing your door locks to ensure you are the only one with a key.

Stock Up

This is the fun part! Hit up your local grocery store and get the essentials. Stock the fridge, get some cleaning products, and don’t forget the trash bags! The beauty of homeownership is the magic that happens in the kitchen. Grab some ingredients and whip up your very first meal in your very own house! Go ahead, get some junk food and start your stache for a movie night. You’re the boss.


Trust us, if you can start with an organization plan for you home, owning a home will be much easier. Set a precedent that you’re going to keep your home tidy and in order. It’s much easier to maintain a clean home if everything has a place and a place for everything. While you are at the store, add some storage bins and organization items to the cart. Also, keep in mind that moving into a new place is an excellent opportunity to evaluate your belongings and see what is necessary and what needs to be donated or thrown away.

Curb Appeal

It will be a matter of minutes before you are wanting to invite all of your friends and family over for a shindig at your new place. Community is by far the most joyous aspect of homeownership. But, before you send out the invites, how about a run to the local nursery for some flowers? You have your things put away and organized, fridge stocked, now it’s time for a little green thumb therapy. If you have some flower beds out front or around the back patio, a little fresh mulch and greenery goes a long way. Maybe just picking up a few new pots of colorful flowers to put on the front porch would do the trick. You decide.

Solo Dance Party

There is a ritual that is as old as time. On night one in their new home, it happens. The lights dim, the music comes on, and it begins. The “I just bought my first home dance party”. And the reason we call it a solo dance party is because typically the inaugural dance is done in just your underwear. So remember to shut the blinds.

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