Tips:  Working From Home
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Tips: Working From Home

2020 sent a lot of us home to work, have you struggled with motivation and routine as a result? Here are some helpful tips:

  • Establish a daily routine, whether you start out doing a morning chore, a quick workout, grab your cofee, then go to your computer.
  • Make a plan for the day, block out time on your calendar for meetings, answering emails, or focusing on special projects.
  • Set up a wrap-up routine to end your workday, this could include doing a final scan to make sure you’ve responded to all critical emails and phone calls.
  • Look over your task list to decide what you need to tackle tomorrow, and say to yourself, “The workday is done, I’m signing off.” This will help to ensure you walk away at the end of the day and don’t continue to work through the evening. Keeping family and rest time a priortity!

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