How much do I pay an Agent to help me buy a house?
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How much do I pay an Agent to help me buy a house?

If you are using a Real Estate Agent to help you buy a new home, chances are that you will pay nothing.

Here’s why:

In most real estate transactions, there are two real estate professionals at work. One that represents the seller and another who represents the buyer.

Listing brokers represent sellers and charge a fee to represent them and market the property. Marketing may include advertising expenses such as professional media, print brochures, internet/social media campaigns. The property will also be placed in the local multiple listing service (MLS), where other agents in the area (and nationally) will be able to search and find the home for sale. All of this is of course the value in choosing to sell your home with a professional, rather than trying to go at it alone.

Agents who represent buyers (a.k.a. buyer’s agent) are compensated by the listing broker for bringing home buyers to the table. When the home is sold, the listing broker splits the listing fee with the buyer’s agent. Thus, buyers don’t pay their agents for their services.

If you or if someone you know is in need of a professional to help them find the right home, feel free to reach out!

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