Light Switch Paint Record Home Hack
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Light Switch Paint Record Home Hack

If you are anything like us, recording the paint color you just used is the last thing you are thinking of when you are trying to clean up from a messy painting experience. 

We have all heard the term, “time worn”, right?  Anytime you live in a home for an extended period of time, especially with kiddos around, painted walls are bound to get scuffed up.  In some cases even written on mysteriously when we aren’t looking by our precious little angles.  🙂

We know firsthand the struggle to remember what paint color was used when we try to go back and do touch ups.  You think, well I still have the paint can, so I’ll go get it to do this quick touch up.  Unfortunately, when you go to get the paint can you see that the paint is dried and the label has faded beyond recognition. 

Well, we have a simple home hack for you to help remember what paint color, brand, and tint you used. 

Simply use a sharpie to write on the back of the light switch cover in each room the paint color, brand, and tint you used.  It may not hurt to put the date on it for posterity to know when it was painted last.

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