Firework Safety Tips
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Firework Safety Tips

Planning a party with some firework festivities? Awesome! Who doesn’t love a good firework show?! We’ve put together some safety reminders to help you prevent your party from turning into a disaster.

  1. Keep the kids away! The fireworks should only be handled by sober adults who can act responsibly. Sparklers can be fun to give the kids, but keep in mind that sparklers can reach temperatures of 1,800 degrees! So keep a close eye on them as they handle sparklers, and of course, keep them outside. 
  2. Use only legal fireworks. Of course some illegal fireworks may seem a lot more fun, but there is a reason that they are illegal. Illegal fireworks usually go by the names M-80, M100, blockbuster, or quarterpounder. These explosives were banned in 1966, but still account for many fireworks injuries.
  3. Have water handy. It’s always a good idea when dealing with fire in general to have access to water close by. Whether it is a garden hose or a 5 gallon bucket of water, make sure you have it ready in the event of a fire.
  4. Keep a safe distance. Best practice is to always assume a firework is unpredictable. It could backfire or fly in an unexpected direction at any moment. Make sure viewers are a safe distance away to avoid a tragedy. Nothing will ruin a party quicker than a firework shooting into the crowd. 
  5. Never shoot a firework will holding it. Even if you are shooting a firework from an object you’re holding, it’s never a good idea to be next to a firework when it goes off. 
  6. Never relight a “dud”. Nobody likes to waste money. But trust us, when it comes to wasting a few bucks or having a firework blow up in your face, you’ll wish you had just thrown that dud away. 
  7. Soak fireworks before throwing away. During the course of a firework going off, it reaches extremely high temperatures. Depending on the firework those temps can reach over 1,000 degrees and take some time to cool off. It’s always best to soak the fireworks after firing them before throwing them into the trash. 
  8. Think about sensitive pets and people. This is most important. While many of us love a firework show, there are a fair amount of people and pets who do not. Please keep these people and animals in mind before lighting your fireworks. It’s recommended to talk with your neighbors and everyone at your party before firing them to ensure everyone is in favor. 


Fireworks are meant to be enjoyed and used in celebration. Please stay safe and be responsible when celebrating! 

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